What is PTA?

PTA stands for: Founded in 1897, PTA believes that the education of children is a shared responsibility of the home and the school.

PTA works to benefit children and to support parents.

Your membership dues ensure your right to vote at PTA meetings, defray the costs of materials you receive, and support your child's education.

If you decide not to pay dues, you may still attend meetings, but you may not vote.

When you join a local PTA, you also become a member of your county PTA, your state PTA, and the National PTA - all working together to ensure that every child has an opportunity to learn and be successful in school and in life.

PTA Mission

The mission of the PTA is three-fold:

Some of the ways your local PTA works for you!

When you need help or information, contact...

PTA Maryland
3121 St Paul Street, Suite 25
Baltimore MD 21218
Phone:: (410) 235-7290
Fax: (410) 235-0357

PTA Nacional
330 N Wabash Avenue, Suite 2100
Chicago IL 60611-3604
Phone: (312) 670-6782
Fax: (312) 670-6783

(This document was adopted with permission from the National PTA)

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Last Updated on November 11, 1997