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MCCPTA Training Committee
PTA - Making the Pieces Fit

Let the MCCPTA Training Committee help solve your PTA puzzle.

Fall Training: PTA Leadership Skills 2012

Spring Training: PTA Leadership Skills 2012

Fall Training: PTA Leadership Skills 2011

MCCPTA Training Committee Reports / Workplan






MCCPTA Training Committee Looking to Expand

• Do you have years of experience in a particular PTA position?

• Do you have some experience in a number of PTA positions?

• Do you have experience in PTA fundraising, advocacy, or parent involvement?

• Or even if you don't have much experience, are you just willing to help plan, organize, and carry out various MCCPTA training events?

If you can answer "yes" to even one of the questions above, the MCCPTA Training Committee is looking for you. It does not have to be a huge commitment of time - we can use your help even if you have only a little time to give. We'd love to expand the amount of training that we are able to offer - more volunteers would make that possible! If you are willing to help make that a reality, please email DeBora King.

Tips for your PTA Leadership Transition: As the school year comes to an end, PTA leaders are busy with many activities and events. Take time to look at the wonderful things your PTA has accomplished this year and express appreciation to those people who have worked for the PTA and children. More

Maryland PTA offers training in many forms to our officers, councils and local units.  Click the following for more information: Training offered by Maryland PTA

What is the MCCPTA Training Committee?

The Training Committee works with the Regional Trainer for the Maryland Congress of Parents and Teachers to plan and provide PTA training, responds to training requests from local PTAs, builds a cadre of trainers, and works cooperatively with Montgomery County Public Schools on joint training for parents and staff. Members of the committee have years of PTA experience and have been trained to facilitate meetings or to conduct workshops.

What kinds of workshops?

You name it...we have it!

Tired of PTA meetings that go on forever with no apparent purpose? Try a workshop on planning PTA programs or setting goals.

Unsure of how to access the school or the school system? A workshop on improving home-school communication or advocating for your child is a place to start.

Seeing the same faces at every meeting? Try a parent involvement workshop.

Confused about where PTA fits? Try a workshop that clarifies the role of PTA.

Worried that there's a "crisis" just ahead? Don't handle it alone. Call the Training Committee for support and assistance.

New leadership team just elected and installed? Not sure how to transition leadership? This list will help in managing the transition.

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