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State of Maryland Information Technology Master Plan, Fiscal Year 2010:

MSDE Technology

Children and Computer Technology

As we enter the new millennium, computer technology has become an essential feature of our society. Indeed, computers and the Internet are fueling our strong and dynamic economy. Moreover, in nearly every American city, town, and neighborhood, the personal computer has profoundly affected the lives of families and their children.  » Read Document


by Lloyd W. Bartholome, Head, Business Information Systems and Education Department, Utah State University.  » Read Document

MSDE Technology Report

The Maryland Technology Report

In 1995, the State of Maryland began implementation of the Maryland Plan for Technology in Education, a blueprint for effective utilization of technologies in schools statewide. The Plan was developed under the leadership of the Maryland Business Roundtable (MBRT) by key stakeholders throughout Maryland that represented not only the educational community but the public and private sectors as well. The Plan serves as the foundation for development and funding of educational technology programs on both the State and local levels.

In 1997, the U.S. Department of Education approved the Maryland Plan, but also made suggestions which prompted the State to reexamine the Plan in light of new data and national goals. The Plan was revised and presented to the Maryland State Board of Education in 1998 for adoption. In keeping pace with the rapid changes in technology and technology education, the Plan has undergone two other revisions, the latest being accepted by the Maryland State Board of Education on April 24, 2007. Click on the link below to view this latest edition.

Maryland Educational Technology Plan for the New Millennium: 2007-2012

MCCPTA Technology Committee Needs Members!

Critical skills are needed for the 21st century!

We want to make sure our kids are prepared both personally and academically.

Technology is the future!

Our vision is to provide students with the opportunity to develop lifelong learning skills  through the use of technology. And to develop and support instruction and staff development.

*** We are looking for members to join the Technology Committee. ***

If interested please e-mail or give me a call Linda B. White on 301-762-8489.  If you miss me leave a message with your contact number and e-mail.

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