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The following WWW sites are a compilation of a bit of research related to some inservice days that were focused upon science and the WWW, with some additions since then. I have tried to only include those sites that directly relate to the relevant science subjects, lesson plans, or curriculum topics, with the majority selected primarily for the K-5 grade subjects-although I did notice that there were lesson plans or curriculum units on science topics that were intended for the 6-12 grades at these same sites, and I have included a number of particular higher grade sites under the Environmental sciences area. In any session on Web training, I have tried to stress that using jumping off points like these are often much more rewarding than diving into the major search engines for a particular topic or issue, and then having to sort through pages of hits that often prove to be noninformative. Any of these sites will have multiple pages (and some do have a LOT of information) but the number of levels that need to be perused is greatly reduced and simplified by the organization and links of most of these sites. The listings at the end are general ones for science education that, with examination, will also reveal some very useful gems which I am sure to have missed.

Frank Mancino

WWW Sites for Science in the Curriculum

Global SchoolNet's Internet Projects Registry (




Environmental Sciences



Plants and Animals


General Sites for Finding Even More Science/Curriculum Links

A word about URL syntax: sometimes we misspell the address, either because it was written down incorrectly, or because it was entered incorrectly; the DNS lookups for these addresses are somewhat finicky, and you often get back the message "Host unknown" or some such message.

For these long addresses, I often advise people to try the first (long) one, and if it fails, try shortening the address to the first part that gets you to the home page, and then clicking down a link to the exact file space you are seeking. For example, the Hands On Science Centers Worldwide site above can be reached by typing, and once there, you can find the link for those science centers. I will apologize in advance for any errors on my part, the combination of bad glasses, and volume of sites means that I may have overlooked a critical character in some address.

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Last Updated on February 10, 2000
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