Montgomery County Resources - is collaborative effort to provide detailed information about health, education and human service resources throughout Montgomery County, Maryland so that individuals and families can connect with the services they need.
Generally, the agencies included are local government entities, non-profit, faith-based and other private organizations. Emphasis is placed on those programs that are accessible to low-income individuals and families, and those programs that are offered on a low, no-cost or sliding scale basis to the participant.
Visit their website to browse a database of over 850 programs, search by population, service type, location, organization or language capacity, or use one of our convenient resource guides, and search instantly for a set of services for a topic area or population.

Pathway to Services - Do you have a child or youth that is:

• having problems with their behavior in the classroom, home or community
• absent often or has missed several weeks of school
• at risk of or is likely to be in a gang
• at risk of an out of home placement (i.e. kinship care, group home, foster care, or stuck
in an acute care facility)
• returning home from a psychiatric hospitalization 

Call the Pathway to Services Office at 301-354-4905 and speak to Patty Brown to see whatservices may be available for this child and family. This is a family-friendly gateway of servicesand supports to help children with emotional and/or behavioral needs. The dedicated, bilingualstaff member engages families and other providers involved in the life of a child by
connecting them to resources in the community.


MSDE Resources

Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) publications - The Maryland State Department of Education publishes numerous documents for a wide variety of audiences.

MSDE Public Website Featuring State Performance Plan Results:

Maryland School Assessment (MSA) given each spring to Maryland's students to test their mastery of the basics and how well they can apply that knowledge in authentic problem-solving situations. Part of the US Department of Education's No Child Left Behind Act. Site gives information on state, county school system and local schools. Reports are broken down by student groups in reading and math. Also provides information on graduation rates for high schools.

Maryland's High School Assessments (HSA) - high school assessments intended to create higher expectations in grades 9-12. Tests will gauge both school performance and individual student performance. High School Core Learning Goals, Sample Assessment Items and Assessment Credit Requirements are provided.  This site is a comprehensive collection of information and resources related to the HSAs.

Procedural Safeguards and Parental Rights Brochure is the brochure provided by MSDE to assist parents in understanding their right in the Special Education process. This document has recently been revised to comply with new regulations from IDEA 2004.
              • Brochure  • MSDE Information/Resources

A Practical Guide to Accelerating Student Achievement Across Cultures, Strategies for Administrators, Teachers, Students, and Parents

Gifted and Talented Education - Gifted and Talented Education services are available to students in Grades K-12 throughout Maryland.

MSDE special reports


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