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MCCPTA Legislative Committee

Government Activity

Board of Education
You can contact the Board of Education by email.

Montgomery County Council
You can send an email to the Montgomery County Council from their website.

Maryland Elected Officials
Please contact the Governor to advocate for your children. The Governor creates the proposed budget. The General Assembly can only remove items from the budget, they cannot restore funding cuts.

Who are your state and federal representatives and how do you contact them?

The MD PTA Advocacy Home Page provides alerts about education legislative events at the state level.

Maryland General Assembly
The Maryland General Assembly web site allows you to follow the progress of legislation.

For those of you interested in following the proceedings of the Maryland General Assembly, you may listen live to debate on the House and Senate floor.

Daily session typically starts at 8 P.M. on Mondays, 10 A.M. Tuesdays through Thursdays, and 11 A.M. on Fridays throughout the 90 day legislative session.

Listen to Senate committee hearings and watch House committee hearings live.

Click HERE for a daily updated schedule of committee hearings.



The MD PTA Advocacy Home Page provides alerts about education legislative events at the state level.

Other resources you might find useful.

The Montgomery County version of the Gazette is a commonly used source for local news.

  1. The Washington Post Montgomery County section is another local news source.
  2. The Maryland Reporter is a news site for government and politics in Maryland.
  3. The Baltimore Sun covers Maryland political events extensively.
You might be interested to read opinions and comments from the Montgomery County Education Association on news and events.

Budget Timeline

December MCPS budget proposal Review proposal
January Attend MCCPTA Legislative Forum to talk with BoE and County Council  
  Board of Education Hearings Public testimony to BoE
  MD General Assembly Convenes Contact state senators and delegates
  Governor's Budget Proposal Contact Governor's Office in December and January
March BoE approves MCPS budget  
  County Executive's Budget Proposal Review proposal for education funding
April County Council hearings Public testimony to County Council
  MD state budget passed  
  County budget passed  
  BoE and MCPS reconcile budget disparities from MD and County funding levels  


The MCCPTA Legislative Committee seeks volunteers!

Is there something you want to change in our schools or education system?  This is the committee for you.  No legal training is required to have a voice for change.  Come help us determine priorities and advocate for change.  If this sounds too intimidating there are other ways to contribute while you learn about the process.

The purpose of the committee  is to  follow, influence and sometimes originate ideas for  federal, state, and county council legislation affecting education where deemed appropriate by either the Maryland PTA or MCCPTA membership.  Your assistance is needed in any of the following areas: 

  1. Follow emerging issues presented at the Maryland General Assembly.
  2. Follow emerging legislative issues presented by either the County Council or Board of Education.
  3. Support special events being hosted by the committee.
  4. Attend public hearings at the Board of Education, the County Council or the Maryland General Assembly.
  5. Support testimony made by the State PTA or MCCPTA President or designee at special functions.Draft documents such as position statements, resolutions, correspondence  and  legislative platforms that our committee develops.

All inquiries and visitors, one-time volunteers or new committee members are welcome.

Patrick Dunn, Committe Chair, email Patrick


Reports and Resources

Legislative Committee Reports






Other Reports and Resources

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