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MCCPTA Gifted Child Committee Meetings

    2008-2009 Schedule coming soon.

While meetings are geared towards PTA GT Liaisons, all interested parties are welcome to attend. If you would like more information please email Susan Thomas.

MCPS Reports on Gifted Education

GT Liaisons e-mail group

A new e-mail group for the PTA's GT (Gifted and Talented) Chairpersons has been created. The list will be a place to get announcements about important meetings, GT Resources, MCPS policies and news about local GT programming.

If you have been appointed your PTA's GT Chairperson (GT Liaison), please send an email (from the email address where you would like to get your announcements) to:

On-Line Resources for Gifted and Talented Education

Acclerated and Enriched Instruction Advisory Committee

AEI Advisory Committee continues the work of the Deputy Superintendent's Advisory Committee (DSAC) on Gifted and Talented Education, advising staff on the implementation of the recommendations from the DSAC Gifted and Talented Education Report and providing feedback and continuing guidance on MCPS programs and the implementation and revision of MCPS Policy IOA, Gifted and Talented Education. The committee meets on the second Thursday of every month. Please check the website for exact dates, times and locations. Notes from previous meetings as well as current meeting agendas are posted as they become available.

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