Parenting Survey: What Do You Know About Your Child?


First, answer the questions alone and then grade yourself by discussing them with your child. Scores of 24-20 show you talk with your child and know him/her well. Scores of 19-13 mean you know a lot about him/her but could improve. Scores under 13 show you need to spend more time with your child and listen harder!


  1. Who is your child’s best friend?
  2. What is your child’s greatest fear?
  3. What are your child’s favorite and least favorite school subjects?
  4. What is your child’s very favorite television show?
  5. What color would your child like his/her room to be?
  6. Who is your child’s greatest hero?
  7. Does your child feel liked by the children in the school?
  8. What would be your child’s favorite vacation?
  9. What is your child’s favorite food and what is the most dreaded?
  10. What is your child’s most prized possession?
  11. What does your child feel is his/her greatest talent?
  12. What does your child like least about his/her looks?
  13. What does your child want to be when he/she grows up?
  14. What household chore does your child like least?
  15. What is your child’s favorite family vacation?
  16. What nicknames do other children call your child?
  17. Of what accomplishments is your child most proud?
  18. What is your child’s biggest complaint about the family?
  19. What is your child’s favorite kind of music?
  20. What sport does your child most enjoy playing?
  21. What is your child’s favorite outfit to wear?
  22. What would your child like to change about himself/herself?
  23. What embarrasses your child most?
  24. What person outside the family has influenced your child most?


(Adapted from the Christian Woman Magazine, March, 1987)

California State PTA, Parents Empowering Parents