Tips for Making Homework More Successful


Dear Parents:


Students need a quiet place to study where the are not distracted by the television or radio. It is usually best if there is also a regular time for homework to be done, such as right after school or after dinner. From time to time, youngsters are invovled in sports, clubs or lessons. Homework usually goes better if there is someone around who can help decipher a word, answer a question and provide moral support.


When an assignment is expected to take more than one night to complete, like a book report or science project, help your child develop a plan for getting the work completed in stages, a little each day. For instance, if your child has to do a book report, ask when it is due an dhelp your child set reasonable time limits for doing the necessary work. The first week may be spent reading the book, a number of pages or chapters each night. During the next day or so, your child might think and talk with you about what the book said and how to present it. The last two or three days can be set aside for writing and revising the report. Save the night before it is due for practicing the presentation and polishing the final draft.


A checklist for a book report assignment might look like this: